I need to turn my weird into a money making skill. So far im in line for Cat Lady.

I don’t know how much Cat Lady makes though. Though it has to be something ’cause cats are expensive dude! I have 1 right now and she’s like $50 a month! She totally eats better than I do though. I am gluten and milk intolerant and SHE’S the one with the grain and dairy free diet. All I have is Kraft Dinner which incorporates EVERYTHING I SHOULDN’T BE EATING!

I may need to rethink a few things.

PS. Just as a side note. I’m not talking about one of those Cat Ladys you see on those you-need-some-serious-help-in-the-form-of-a-white-padded-room shows. I assure you I plan to have no cat carcasses lost beneath layers of filth. Though … I’m not sure that’s what those people were working towards in the begining … Let’s play this by ear. Now I’m going to the dollar store to buy garbage bags to throw out everything I own.

Tomorrows blog “can I go to work in a bedsheet and not get fired?”


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