OMG I think I just grew up!

I bought internet!

I’ve been using my Blackberry as my only source of cable and internet for about 3 years. And I just bought the internet! All of it, apparently cause now I have to come up with like $200 for my first bill….. So I have NO IDEA how I’m going to do that.

I was telling my friend Melissa about all this (who BTW is pretty kick ass and also about to be in a music video for the World Wildlife Federation… Or wrestling, I always forget who won the WWF lawsuit. I think it was wrestling pandas, but that doesn’t help clarify all that much) and the conversation may or may not have gone like this:

Me: OMG I think I just grew up. I bought internet!

Melissa: Wahoo!

Me: Yeah baby! But I have to somehow come up with like 200$ for my first bill. Which I’m not sure how to do. I can never party again. Ever. Unless I can get payed to party. Then PARTY ON!

Melissa: Hrm, Phone sex operator job on the side!!

Me: Or I can branch out into robbery!

Melissa: Haha you. A robber. Doesn’t work. You’re too pure. And I mean that in the good way.

Me: How about the girl that distracts the dude being robed by being all “where’s the subway? Is that a pickle? Can you hold this dog?” And then other people rob them.

And then Melissa didn’t text me back for a while, obviously because she knows that this is a fool proof plan and was trying to find a good way of asking to join the ranks of distraction robbers. Except unless we can find someone to actually do the robbing all we’ll be doing is creating mass confusion, but I suppose that’s robbing people of their time. So I say we have a solid business plan.

Also, I need to fix my computer. It dosent turn on. I don’t think the addition of the internet is going to fix that.

I am the worst technical support person ever. (No lie, real job. Just for phones not internet. Not that that excuses anything. Where’s the ‘ON’ button on this thing?)


One thought on “OMG I think I just grew up!

  1. Lou-Femi says:

    You talked Avery up pretty good on that shoot so I vote for phone sex operator!

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